Types of Logo Design

When building your business you need a strong logo that effectively shows what your business is about.

When deciding what logo design is right for your company consider these questions:

  • How will the logo appear on branding and advertising materials?
  • How will the logo look on products?
  • What shapes, sizes, colors, designs, etc. would represent my brand best?
  • What do I want the customer to think of when they see this logo?

With these questions in mind let’s talk about the different types of logo designs.

Symbol or Icon:
This is an image that is associated with the company and their branding across their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Word Mark:
As referred to as lettermarks, these types of logos utilize unique font types to create a dynamic logo.


Combination Mark:

These combine unique font sizes with creative images to create a versatile logo design.

The type of logo design presents the company name within the brand symbol.